For all au-pairs to meet others in their area

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Welcome to the new comm!
>> for blue skies
_boppo_ wrote in aupairmeet
Hey guys, brand new at the moment as you can see, hopefully we will get entries started soon, please join and by all means feel free to start posting if you have something to say.
For now, if anyone is INTERESTED IN BEING A MODERATOR, please comment here. :)

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Hey there.
I'm not an aupair, but I'm looking at in the next few years. I'm afraid I can't even volunteer to mod, I just haven't got the time, but thought I would say Hi anyway:D
I take it you are an aupair currently? Where are you based now, and where are you from?

Hi! :)
Sorry for the delayed reply, I was in Prague. :)
I'm actually not an au-pair yet, I have one more year of college and then I am looking to au-pair for a few months, I just thought I would get this comm started up early so that when the time I came around I might know some people!
I'm from London.

How about you? Where are you thinking of au-pairing?

Well I think technically I won't be an Au Pair. I'm from New Zealand, as I'm just about (*insert exhausted dreamy sigh*) finished my training to be an early childhood teacher, I think I'll just work as a nanny. I'm looking at the UK to start with, although I'm pretty keen on Switzerland when I'm a bit more linguistically enabled. Sadly I have to complete a bond year, so I can't actually leave the country until I've done that, so I'm looking at mid 2011 I think.
Where are you looking at going?

I'd love to go to New Zealand eventually. :)
Switzerland is really beautiful.
I am looking at Canada, New Zealand, Japan or somewhere in Europe I haven't been hopefully, although at the minute I'm looking at offers from everywhere and deciding by process of elimination and what's offered!

I think New Zealand would be quite a fun place to visit. It kinda lacks in novelty value when you live here, but it's not a bad place to live, and it is definitely visually stunning in some places! I've heard it compared to parts of Scandinavia (ie the fjiords and glaciers in the south), but I prefer the beaches up north personally:) Not sure if there is much demand for au-pairs though, I don't think I've ever met any/ know anybody who has hosted one. Nannying is a pretty new phenomena here, I'm still trying to convince my Mum that it is a real job with contracts and agencies,and insurance!
My friend had a blast in Japan, but it's apparently really expensive to live, or even visit. Even worse now than when he went a couple of years ago, according my friends whos family are in Japan.
I would like to go to Canada too at some stage, but it is so much harder with visas and stuff. Europe is much more straightforward for me!

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Hey, sorry, I was in Hamburg. :)
I'm hoping it will spread too! Thanks for the promoting.
Atm a mod wouldn't realy have to do anything! Haha. Posts aren't moderated but if I decided to make them so when/if the comm picks up then you would have to moderate them.
Maybe start some discussion posts, make sure commentors aren't being rude or anything.
That's about it!

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Great, I will add you as a maintainer.
Love your icon btw :)

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