For all au-pairs to meet others in their area

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Au pair in Italy
littlecolecole wrote in aupairmeet



I think this is a great idea for a community! I hope we can get it going. I am leaving tomorrow from Charlotte, NC to go to Carbonate, Italy. I am SO excited and also a bit nervous. Where are all the other aupairs located?





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Exciting! I hope you have lots of fun. :)
I love Charlotte, btw.
I'm not au-pairing YET, and I'm currently located in London, England. Should hopefully be getting off to Canada or a further located European country as soon as I graduate. :)

Hi Nicole, nice to meet you! How exciting you're leaving tomorrow already. I've been to Italy many times; you'll love it there, it's awesome. Good luck and have a safe trip!

I'm leaving for Rome on Thursday! How are you liking Italy so far? Have you met anyone out there yet?

hi! how was your experience?
i just loking for family in italy now

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