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For all au-pairs to meet others in their area

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(no subject)
botica wrote in aupairmeet
Hi everyone, I'm Christina and I'm new to the community and to being an Au Pair. :)

I'm 23, from Las Vegas, and I'm going to be with a host family in Rome, Italy for a little while helping their 12 year old learn English. My flight leaves this Thursday and I'm beyond excited but also extremely nervous! Unfamiliar surroundings, no friends, etc. Luckily I adapt to environments easily and I feel pretty good about this. Although the family did say that we'd decide together on my days off when I get there (which I'm not sure is a detail I should have hammered out before coming).

I'm not sure what to expect at all so any advice or tips (even about places worth visiting in Rome) would be great. :)

Mostly I just REALLY want to meet some people that live close to [or in] Italy.

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Hi Christina! You're very lucky to go to Rome; I've been there twice and it's absolutely amazing. You have a lot to look forward to. My parents both studied Italian at university, so I've been raised with the Italian culture a bit and we have a lot of Italian friends. What I can tell you is that in my experience Italians are very hospitable, so I'm sure your family will be fine.

By the way so cool you're from Las Vegas! I've been to the USA for the first time this summer and I also visited Vegas for two days. Loved it, despite the HEAT, haha!

Anyway, good luck and have a safe trip!

I'm an au pair in Rome! I've been here for about 5 weeks, had some issues with my first family and will be gone for the next week but shoot me an email when you get a chance aslavinsky at gmail.com Rome is amazing and I've met some awesome other au pairs here so far!! Good luck :)

Hi! So you are an au pair in Rome? How do you like it? I'm considering Rome to be an au pair. If you have any tips or advice let me know! Good luck with everything!

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